Media Library Categories Premium



Adds the ability to use categories in the WordPress Media Library and filter on categories when inserting media. When activated a dropdown of categories will show up in the media library. You can change the category of multiple items at once with bulk actions.


  • add / edit / remove categories from media items
  • change the category of multiple items at once with bulk actions
  • filter on categories in the media library
  • filter on categories when adding media to a post or page
  • filter on categories when creating galleries in the media library
  • taxonomy filter
  • support for WordPress 3.1 – 5.2
  • WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg compatible


Filter by category in the media library
use bulk actions to add and remove categories to multiple items at once
Filter by category in the media library

Manage categories in the media library
Manage categories in the media library

Filter by category when inserting media
Filter by category when inserting media


Reviews Media Library category plugin for WordPress



  • Re-enable assigning categories to images inside media popup.


  • Fix JavaScript error in the Media Library grid view.


  • Add Elementor Page Builder plugin support.
  • Add support for multiple slugs and id’s in gallery shortcode.


  • WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg compatibility


  • Rewrite entire plugin to improve quality and make it ready for future development.
  • Notice for first time users how to separate media categories.
  • Support for SCRIPT_DEBUG.
  • Only load CSS when needed.
  • Move language files to GlotPress.


  • Remember pagenumber when using bulk actions.
  • Only use wp_safe_redirect instead of wp_redirect.
  • Better detection if category is empty in gallery shortcode.
  • Use id attribute in gallery shortcode and show attachments in selected category and uploaded to post ID.
  • Leave id attribute empty in gallery shortcode to show attachments in selected category and upload to current post.


  • Before creating custom taxonomy check if taxonomy exists.
  • Use filter instead of action for the displayed attachments.
  • On some servers the active category was not selected in the dropdown in media list view.
  • Fixed notice “Undefined index: ids” which in some rare cases would appear.
  • Support PHP 7.1
  • Support for GlotPress
  • Support for WordPress 4.7


  • Support for WordPress 4.4
  • Fix compatibility with Advanced Custom Fields and some other plugins.


  • Support for WordPress 4.2
  • Security fix for add_query_arg XSS
  • Remember selected category


  • Support for WordPress 4.1
  • Add category checkboxes to attachment details on insert media popup.


  • Support for WordPress 4.0
  • Added categories filter to media grid view.
  • Security enhancement.
  • Resolved conflict with UberMenu plugin.


  • Improved compatibility with other plugins that use the shortcode.
  • Remember author when changing categories.
  • Added example code in the FAQ for creating seperate categories with PHP 4


  • Added support for category to the default WordPress shortcode gallery.
  • Remember ordering when changing categories.
  • Improved code styling to match WordPress code standard even more strictly.


  • Stay on active page in the media library when changing categories.


  • Added hierarchical display of the filter menu when inserting media.
  • Fixed PHP 5.4 strict warning.


  • Fixed alignment of filter for custom categories in WordPress 3.9


  • Fixed error message which in some cases appears when updating multiple items at once.


  • Fixed media count on the categories page.
  • Add item count in the category filter dropdown when using separate categories for the WordPress Media Library.
  • Support for WordPress 3.9


  • New images are now added to the default category (if a default category exists). In most cases the default category is “Uncategorized”.


  • By default the WordPress Media Library uses the same categories as WordPress does (such as posts & pages). Now you can use separate categories for the WordPress Media Library.
  • Fixed bug where in some rare cases the filter by category didn’t work

Before 2.0

  • Category options & management in the Media Library
  • Category filter when inserting media
  • Category filter when creating galleries
  • Taxonomy filter
  • Support for bulk actions (to add / change or remove categories from multiple media items at once)
  • Internationalisation
  • Extensive documentation